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Pesticide Application Record Keeping Software - GPS Dataloggers for Spray Equipment - Instruction and Installation

From KMOT North Dakota's NBC News Leader

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Features of the North Dakota implementation...

  • The Multi-event Dataloggers link to spray equipment so that when spraying you can
    • record where you are at
    • time and date spraying
    • up to five different weeds or features of their choice.
  • Easy to Learn- workers can be taught to run the Multi-event Datalogger in 5 minutes or less .
  • Datalogger info downloads easily into All Topo Software and files can be electronically exported to other agencies or companies needing the map data.
  • Can be installed on most spray equipment in one hour or less
  • Can be used for any application requiring GPS mapping, such as fire, farm and ranch, rural addressing, county road mapping etc.
  • The buttons are color coded and large size for ease of use.
  • Multi-event Datalogger is very versatile . It can be moved from Truck to ATV to Backpack or any piece of equipment needing GPS mapping technology.

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