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red Pesticide Application Record Keeping Software - GPS Dataloggers for Spray Equipment - Instruction and Installation

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PARKS PRO- Pesticide Application Record Keeping Software
is HERE!

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Latest PARKS Software Update

Best overall spray application software going.
It does...

  • Billing
  • Daily application tracking and records
  • State and Federal reports
  • Dow Tordon use reports


New Features in PARKS PRO

  • Added State Field to Locations, for those of you who work in multiple states
  • Sales Tax Rates for Services and Chemicals for States other than Montana
  • Added Tax ID for reporting and rebate info.
  • Easy to print rebate reports for Dow Chemicals
  • Added Longitude, Latitude to Work Performed.
  • Updated Work Performed to include Starting and Ending Wind Speed/Direction
  • Custom terms and conditions support for Invoicing
  • New Drop down menus throughout the report screens, for easy selection and retrieval of the information you need.
  • Updates and fixes throughout the application to meet the needs requested by our customers
  • Web based upgrade for future updates!

This software saves hours in time spent summarizing year-end reports. Fully integrates with GPS map data

*Estimates for PARKS PRO software customizations are also available.

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